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Individual Development:

Countless business and political leaders
have been jaycees early in their careers.

Entrepreneurs and executives expanded their skills with
Individual Development training in a chapter just like Littlestown's.

The Littlestown, as well as Pennsylvania and U.S. Jaycee chapters, provide training guides on programs designed to meet the personal and professional needs of individual jaycees.

Some examples of these programs include courses (seminars) on personal dynamics, leadership, communications, time management, stress endurance, financial planning, spiritual planning, spiritual development, family life and public speaking.

Community Development:

Community Development programs have been a
cornerstone of the Jaycee movement since it's inception.

Thousands of county fairs, music festivals,
community projects and other events that provide
recreation and tourism are Jaycees projects.

The Littlestown Jaycees provide emphasis on projects like
Littlestown Fireman's Carnival Pizza,
Littlestown Senior High School Scholarship,
Adopt A Highway, Christmas Food Baskets,
Community Movie Night and Santa's Shanty
to name just a few.

Management Development:

Littlestown Jaycees Inc. is run like a business.

Through Management Development, you'll learn to manage people, money and time, and to evaluate success of a project or program.

These skills not only apply to Jaycee business, but carry over to your career as well. By participating in Management Development projects and programs, you'll learn to plan chapter activities, maintain chapter finances and use public relations and communications to build unity in the chapter community.

Littlestown Jaycees provide all of these things for you to take on new and challenging responsibilities and to learn the value of teamwork.

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